Move to get a guest spot on the radio

Or you will come across as disingenuous and overly self-promotional. 12. Reward your most loyal customers ok. At this point we.Ve cover the basics of offering exclusive deals to subscribers and offering discounts to your email list. But. Consider going a step further and offering ultra-exclusive discounts – think really. Really exclusive to only the […]

Look at local or industry business awards

Offer incentives to current subscribers email list incentives aren.T just limit to discounts; there are many irresistible offers that you can offer to your subscribers to not only keep them coming back. But also to create and give an air of exclusivity. Even better. Many of today.S most popular incentives are digital collateral. So they […]

Reward your most loyal customers

Depending on your budget (zero or just string?). Can be as simple as soliciting your local newspaper. 4. Reward your loyal (and non-loyal) customers rewards programs aren.T just for the grocery store. Today. You can leverage your email list to build a customer rewards/loyalty program for past and current customers. Either as a frequent purchase […]