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With a potential  There are many reasons there are few pages on the site, Yandex is careful in promoting young resources in search results, SEO takes time. SMM will help improve the situation. But for this, the SMM manager must understand the behavior of the audience – what influences a person to leavecomfort zonessocial networks to visit the site. It is necessary to track what actions attract traffic – newsletter subscriptions, product advertising, promotions or competitions. This will help you understand what types of content produce the best results and allow you to make data-driven decisions.

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Examples of SMART goals Improve the click-through rate CTR of VKontakte posts by this quarter. Increase CTR in all social networks by by the end of the year. Increase website traffic by within months. Examples of KPIs Traffic to the site. Compare the Country Email List of clicks to your website from social networks before and after the launch campaign. Clicks Track CTR to improve your ads, posts, and offers. And as a result, increase to the site. Conversions The metric will show how many people perform the target action compar to the total number of users. Bounce rate. It will help you understand how many people visit the page and immiately leave – without making purchases, applications or registrations.

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That is, find out and fix the problem. Free offers, perhaps they are targeting the wrong target audience or weak creative. Change, compare. Instead of a conclusion It is important to understand that you are only responsible for those KPIs that you have Buy Email List full control over. And be very careful about changing anything in your approach to business if you are focusing on KPIs like coverage. For example, the reach of posts depends not only on your work. It happens that the algorithms get something in the AI, and they can either increase organic coverage or cut it for no apparent reason.

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You can apply for compensation for discrimination if the refusal to answer a question in the prohibit area is the reason for rejection of the candidature. To sum up, there are several areas that should not be discuss during an interview, although there are exceptions to some of them (e.g. the question of a clean criminal record). In order not to expose yourself to unnecessary accusations, slander and financial penalties, it is better to get the right knowlge beforehand or to entrust recruitment to experienc, professional recruiters.  to focus on questions about the candidate’s ucation and experience.What is hybrid work.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a mix working model In fact, hybrid work South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List appear in March 2020, when due to the lockdowns relat to COVID-19, companies had to limit stationary work at their headquarters.  us for good. Many companies still focus on hybrid and even completely remote work at home (home office). We check what exactly the hybrid work model is and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this form of employment. Soft skills in remote work – building relationships and organizing work 4.8 starstastar (23 reviews) Learn how to prepare and organize remote work for yourself and your team.

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This is currently the best employment

Take care of proper communication, work-life balance and Buy Email List healthy relationships in the company. Find out more What is hybrid work? As you can easily guess, hybrid work is a combination of stationary and remote work. According to employers, model. Especially that this system can take any form and be modifi on an ongoing basis, being adapt to the nes and requirements of the company. That is why it happens that companies create entire teams that work only stationary or, on the contrary, only remotely, with rotation every few days. Other times, it is up to the employee to decide where he wants to work.

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Stationary in the company, or remotely at home and at the employer’s office, appearing once in a while (eg 1-2 days a week). In the simplest translation, working in  the performance of professional duties – part of it at the company’s headquarters, the rest remotely at the place of residence. Advantages of hybrid work Undoubtly, hybrid work has many advantages. mself and find some ways to control himself,” said Eldar Osipov. At the same time, sadness is good for a person, he believes. “She grounds, gives him the opportunity to find new strength to change his life. The experience of sadness makes it possible to accept some kind of negative experience and find ways to cope with it.

The hybrid model consists in combining

The psychologist is sure. But if the sadness is lingering and you Sao Tome and Principe Email List can’t get out of it, then this is already depression. Below are some tips on how you can deal with melancholy on your own. Get active To do this, you can use the advice of the writer Leo Tolstoy. He himself suffer from melancholy when he was in Moscow. how to get rid of it [ 14 ]. Workout. Tolstoy went in for sports at home and on the street. Today you can go to the gym, do yoga at home or run in the park. By the way, for the writer himself, walking was his favorite sport.

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Decid to organize a population census

Learn a new business The writer made boots, in which he later walk. A modern person can enroll in sewing, furniture assembly or photography courses. Write down your thoughts. This advice is more Buy Email List suitable for creative people. From thoughts written down on paper, literary works or ideas for a new creative project can be born. Do something socially important. Tolstoy, for example, to find out how many poor people were in Moscow. He became one of the leaders of the census and went around the apartments for several days.

When open source software began to be create

It was necessary to figure out how to determine longitude on sailing ships. The practical analysis of crowdsourcing began from the moment  using its principles. The term appear in 2006. During this time, crowdsourcing projects have become widespread in business, innovation, politics and other areas. Thanks to crowdsourcing, community initiatives have reach a new level. There was a ne for such programs to be supervis by qualifi specialists in the field of social design. How to Become a Public Issues Crowdsourcer  of the future at Russian universities.

It is already possible to get the profession

The Higher School of Economics has develop the bachelor’s program Samoa Email List Public Sector Management and Analytics” taking into account the nes of specific employers. An excellent option for admission is the program “Expert Activities in the Management of Socio-Political Projects” at Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. A good basis for this profession can be provid by the Russian National Research Mical University nam after N.I. Pirogov, the program “Social Work”. A course on crowdsourcing in business and social projects can be taken at the ITC Group Business School. What is taxonomy Taxonomy is the science of classifying complex hierarchical systems. The very principle of organizing objects from the lowest to the highest is call the same. It is often depict as a tree structure or pyramid.

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The scientist describ the results of his work

Most often this term is us in biology – it was first propos by the botanist Buy Email List Augustin Piram Decandol in 1813. He was engag in the classification of plants and with the help of taxonomy divid them into different groups (taxa) bas on common characteristics.  in the Elementary Theory of Botany (Théorie élémentaire de botanique). Before Decandole, the botanist and zoologist Carl Linnaeus made attempts to create a classification of living and non-living organisms – the current taxonomy of plants and animals is bas on his taxonomy [1] . In the 20th century, the term “taxonomy”Labor Code (Article.

The forecasts of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Makes official requests to government agencies, local governments. Non-profit organizations or social movements. And thus, thanks to his efforts and competencies, he achieves resolution of situations. These can be issues of social inequality, the fight against alcoholism. Drug addiction, environmental protection, urban governance and much more. Trends and directions of the profession. According to  this new intellectual profession will become one of. The most demand in the labor market in the foreseeable future. The key areas in the career of a specialist will be non-profit organizations (NPOs) and government agencies.

The platform allows you to distribute a petition

Speaking of NGOs  we do not mean volunteering. But full-flg work Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email List as in any other organization. An example of crowdsourcing in an NPO is the Democrator project , creat by the foundation of the same name. This is an electronic platform where petitions of citizens are publish. , get the support of like-mind people and solve the problem (when certain signature positions are reach). In the public sector, this specialist will be able to realize himself in sectoral ministries, government agencies, situational and analytical centers, and regional administrations. Crowdsourcing technology will be actively us to initiate social projects, control the implementation of decisions made, organize real self-government, etc.

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Where citizens can put forward initiatives

Examples of crowdsourcing projects in the public sector: creation Buy Email List of an interactive map of the city, on which road sections requiring repair are mark; testing a new service for the provision of public services; creation of an Internet resource  and vote for them. Where did the profession come from Crowdsourcing technology (from the English crowd – the crowd, sourcing – the use of resources) involves the solution of a clearly defin task through the involvement of caring people. The first mention of the use of this technology can be consider a competition that was announc by the British Parliament in 1714.

Who accompanies a person during various types

Expensive service: at least ?1 million . It is plann to allocate $3.68 billion to. The creation of artificial intelligence technologies in the field of ucation in Russia in 2023. And by 2030 the volume of investments will reach $80 billion. This means that soon AI will be as common a component of learning as, for example, video. In the future, artificial intelligence will be able to independently  a particular student from scratch, write ucational programs and be a virtual student assistant  of training, knows his interests and how he studies. “In the role of a teacher, he [AI] is more like a coach who helps the student formulate the right questions and make the right analysis.

Build the entire learning process for

Mark Van Reimenam a visionary and ideologist of big data and Saint Helena Email List machine learning technologies, said in an interview with RBC Pro. Machines will be able to train people without teachers only when artificial intelligence gains experience in creating effective social learning. That is, when AI receives a lot of data about student preferences and student behavior in different learning programs. “In the future, it seems to me that we will see much more learning bas on big data. Now the problem is that big data [so far] is not enough, ” says Andrey Komissarov, director of.

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A public issue crowdsourcer is a professional

The Data-Bas Human Development at University 2035. The Buy Email List profession of a specialist in crowdsourcing of public problems will become relevant and in demand in the near future. We tell you what tasks he solves and where you can find a job in this specialty What is a Public Issues Crowdsourcing Specialist?  who collects and analyzes public issues and mobilizes resources to solve them. This is a new profession at the intersection of management, sociology, law and information technology. What Does a Public Issues Crowdsourcing Specialist Do? This specialist manages the crowdsourcing platform, accumulating citizens’ initiatives and proposals on it.

The chatbot to conduct dialogues that are close

The neural network can, on a par with the teacher, check tests, tasks, and even essays. Thus, the company “Antiplagiarism” has creat artificial intelligence, which in less than a minute reveals factual and semantic errors in an essay. In 2023, it is plann that the neural network will test the essays of Russian schoolchildren in the Russian language, literature, history and social science in a pilot mode. Evaluate the effectiveness of the ucational program. AI helps plan lessons and control whether the class is moving effectively through the curriculum. For example, in the Moscow Electronic School, a computer helps teachers estimate how much time students will spend on assignments, tests, or practical exercises.

The student and reports how it affects the learning

An Roselectronics has develop a program bas on computer vision, which Reunion Email List through video cameras in the classroom, monitors the psychophysical state of  of the lesson. Answer questions in plain language. Artificial intelligence allows to real human communication. In November 2022, OpenAl introduc the AI-bas ChatGPT chatbot. He owns almost all the information that is on the Internet, and can explain anything in a simple way, help a child understand any issue, solve mathematical problems or write an essay. In the near future, the ne for specialists in neural networks and machine learning will also grow for the ucation sector.

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There are vacancies for developers in Docebo

Now in Duolingo and other companies that develop AI for learning Buy Email List engineers, research engineers are engag in the development of neural networks and machine learning. Trends and directions of the profession The specialist can work: in a large ucational project in the department of artificial intelligence; in Tech companies that develop artificial intelligence technologies, for example, Cognii; be a freelancer: take orders to create courses for experts and online schools. But the development of AI for a specific project.

What additional materials did he use

Professionals will be employ in this field during 2023 . One of the reasons the cybersecurity industry is growing is because most businesses simply can’t afford to leak data. A data breach costs $4.24 million, a figure that could put many companies out of business. The other top 10 fastest growing digital skills were highlight by Coursera in The Job Skills of 2023 . What does an AI course author do? He creates a neural network and introduces it into the learning process. To do this, the specialist uploads big data to the computer: information about the actions that a person performs while taking an online course. For example, how quickly the student watch the video,  AI matches the digital learning footprint of a particular person and tens of thousands of others, identifies similar behaviors.

What was wrong during the task

Automatically decides, for example, what content to show the student. The more Portuguese Timor Email List data the machine algorithms have, the more accurate the recommendations. The author of courses using artificial intelligence helps to make lessons more interesting and understandable and saves time for teachers. The specialist creates technologies for teaching schoolchildren and students, works with advanc training, retraining, additional ucation programs. The AI ??technologies us by the course author help to: Personalize lessons depending on the knowlge and interests of the student.

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This technology is us in the Moscow Electronic

For example in the Duolingo app, each student has their own foreign Buy Email List language learning program, and in Thinkster, they have personal math learning paths . Motivate the student. Artificial intelligence recognizes when a student has problems with a particular module and offers him additional material on the desir topic, a simplifi track or a repetition of a previously studi topic. School on the basis of the 01Mathematics project. Eliminate gaps in knowlge. If the intermiate test show that the student is poorly vers in one topic, then the machine will offer him additional lessons and tasks. Automatically check knowlge.

Who use advanc digital skills at work

Find interesting approaches to solving problems. Comfort in the face of uncertainty. A skill that allows you to work productively and make decisions despite uncertainty, risks and lack of information. The World Economic Forum has identifi three of the most valuable skills: adaptability, complex problems. The first priority in 2023 for HR leaders from the Gartner study is the development of “human” leadership, namely the development of sincerity, sensitivity and adaptability in leaders. Indifference and lack of inspiration from leaders is the main reason people leave their jobs, along with a lack of career advancement.

Communication skills and the ability to solve

What digital skills will be in demand? Depending on skill level Pitcairn Email List employees working in IT earn 14-65% more than people whose work does not involve the use of digital skills. In addition to earnings, as employees apply digital skills, job satisfaction and job security also increase. Three out of four employees (72%) report high job satisfaction compar to less than half of employees who use only basic digital skills (43%). In addition, employees with advanc digital skills express greater confidence in keeping their jobs than employees with basic digital skills (72% vs. 48%). Basic digital skills today include : the ability to use e-mail, word processing, publication in social networks.

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Employees attribute their widespread interest

Intermiate digital skills include website design, application Buy Email List troubleshooting, data analysis. Advanc digital skills are, for example, cloud architecture or maintenance and development of software or applications, working with artificial intelligence and machine learning. in digital skills training to a variety of reasons. The five most frequently cit reasons are: training will make them more effective in doing their job (49%); bring them higher wages (44%); improve their employability (42%); improve their opportunities for promotion (37%); will increase the chances of retaining a job (36%). The importance of developing digital skills is also relat to the fact that organizations are increasingly investing in digital transformation.

The number of UX professionals increas

In 2023  such investments will reach $7 trillion. Digital skills are vital to business competitiveness, and investing in human skills can be more durable in the long run because they are less affect by technological change. What digital skills should be develop: Data analysis. It is the ability to collect, process, analyze and interpret data that can solve business problems. Through data analytics, a company can find out  the most profit. According to the World Economic Forum, jobs such as data analysts, artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists, robotics engineers, software and application developers, and digital transformation specialists are leading in growing demand E-commerce.

Which product or customer is generating

Electronic commerce, or, as it is call, e-commerce, is a type of business Palestinian Territories Email List associat with the sale of goods and services via the Internet. Almost six out of ten people (58.4%) buy something online every week, and three out of ten (28.3%) buy groceries online. An e-commerce specialist builds complex online commerce. The main task is to attract attention to the marketplace and generate sales using various communication channels and technological solutions. Software development. This area includes the process of creating, designing, deploying and maintaining software. Companies are increasingly turning to technology to expand their business capabilities.

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The goal of UX design is to create products

They ne people with the skills to build software. Scrum software Buy Email List development is the fastest growing digital skill in 2023 (+86 positions compar to 2022). UX design. that are enjoyable and effective to use. The job of a UX designer is to make technology intuitive and accessible to everyone, even if they are not us to working with technology. from 1,000 to 1 million between the 1980s and 2017, and the profession will continue to grow from 1 million to 100 million UX professionals by 2050. Cybersecurity. A set of skills that protect the IT system from hacks that lead to malfunctions and data leaks. It is prict that up to 10 million.

Therefore it makes sense to develop both

Employees who have undergone additional training note a significant increase in salary. As well as an increase in the efficiency of their work. We will talk about the two types of skills most in demand today: digital and soft. Both areas are equally important, since development in the profession is an equally important motive for adult ucation, along with “acquisition of new knowlge”. Today, in the professional environment and in life, with an increase in the pace of digitalization, they become inseparable from each other. Digital skills include everything from social mia to cybersecurity. With the growth of digitalization, caus primarily by the pandemic.

Both of these groups of skills are us both

Have become a must-have skill. Human (soft) skills include a range Palau Email List of cognitive, social and emotional skills such as creativity, critical thinking, information interpretation, decision making and communication skills. Both of these categories complement each other, people use human skills to effectively and ethically use digital ones, and digital ones, in turn, become a tool and platform for the implementation of soft skills.  directions symmetrically. Harvard Business School has identifi the following skills and qualities that leaders ne right now: Curiosity. Means the ability to show a sense of wonder and a desire to learn more.

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Whether it updates to processes or their work

Curious people try new things, ask questions, seek answers, enjoy Buy Email List new information, and make connections by actively exploring and making sense of the world. Adaptability. This is a skill that means you can easily adapt to changing circumstances. An adaptive person in the workplace can keep up with changing priorities, projects, clients, and technologies. He knows how to handle changes at work,  environment. Creativity is the ability to think about a task or problem in a new or different way, or the ability to use imagination to generate new ideas. Creativity allows you to solve complex problems.

A clear request gives the other person

Nonviolent communication has four components: observations, feelings, nes, and requests. Rosenberg proposes to formulate each of them clearly without judgment, shifting of responsibility and condemnation. 1. Observation The first step of NVC is observation. Explain to the interlocutor . Name specific facts without evaluation, labels and condemnation. If they are not separat, a person will hear criticism and will not perceive the information further. In communication there will be a wall of misunderstanding. It is important not to think for another person and not to generalize. For example: “You are always late because you can’t organize yourself.

What happen and how you see it

In most cases, a person does what we do not like, not out of anger and hatr. He thinks that he is doing everything right or he doesn’t know how to do it any other way. a clear plan of action that Norfolk Island Email List can improve your relationship and life. To make a clear request, Rosenberg recommends using positive wording without “not” and avoiding abstract descriptions. The psychologist cites as an example a frame from a cartoon about a man who fell into the lake and shout to his dog on the shore: “Lassi, I ne help!” In the next shot.

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Then a person may not fulfill it and respond

The dog was lying in the psychiatrist’s chair. The interlocutor may accept Buy Email List the request as a demand if he thinks that he will be punish or blam for disobience. with violence. Remember that the goal of NVC is not to achieve its goals in any way, but to establish relationships bas on honesty and empathy. Only such a relationship will satisfy the nes of both interlocutors. Egia Chaparyan , trainer in the field of non-violent communication, member of the Association of Russian Trainers (ARTy) notes: after reading Rosenberg’s main book, The Language of Life, many people believe that NVC cannot be us in everyday life. How to talk about feelings and nes.