Even if you feel like barking a little more

Increase Even if you feel like barking site traffic | Miia Ylinen Step 4: Optimize the content answer, check the following: See that the important search term “best office chair for back pain”, “publishing photos from a computer to Instagram”, “best lunch restaurant in  places: from the url of your blog post from the main […]

What it is and how to use data to sell more

Therefore we can outline some types of ecommerce analytics starting from the type of data acquisition, Internal analysis We track what we can intercept on the website and find the necessary information thanks to tools such as Google Analytics , Search Console , advertising tracking pixels, user behavior analysis tools such as Hotjar and Crazyegg, […]

Examples of digital marketing KPIs to follow

key performance indicators, useful references to understand what to observe and why, Once the right KPIs have been defin, the ecommerce analytics work is trac, But what are the fundamental KPIs for ecommerce analytics? There are several and the good news is this: you can activate a series of tracking on Google Analytics that allow […]