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 Don’t push, but put a link to your online store’s product or, for example, to an appointment or your contact information. Or if you have a lead magnet like a downloadable guide, offer it here. Also remember the subscription form for the newsletter! If the reader got his shopping pants on, he will find the next step easily and you will get a new customer! So producing useful, search engine optimized content can be easy Like so!  written an interesting and useful blog post for your target group, which offers the potential customer added value, i.e.

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provides useful information strengthen your position as an expert inspire confidence remove barriers latest database to buying bring you more customers and sales. Then just the next question for processing and the publication maybe next week! Thanks to good content, search engine visibility increases enormously Changes in search engine visibility are slow but rewarding as long as you publish good content regularly . for that particular term will have multiplied. In two years, you could be in the top three search results for almost any search term you want. Keep on this way! Useful content is more effective than pushy content.  enough time, money, interest or need for your product or service at that particular moment, you will be remembered better than the typical advertisement “NOW ONLY 14.

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99!” And where did that 1417 percent of the title come from? The number of visitors to a small, local business website has changed as follows: in the last 24 months, the number of monthly visitors increased from I can count; I wrote a B in extensive mathematics in 1995! Without percentages : in a few months you can already notice a clear increase. In  BUY Email List a year, the number of visitors multiplies.  increases tenfold. About the author Increase site traffic specializes in setting up and developing websites for small businesses.

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