How to track digital marketing KPIs

Models to understand what to do and in which direction to move in the future, Constant optimization There are those who optimize and sit in their armchairs waiting for the results that arrive thanks to the activities carri out, It can go well up to a certain point, then everything changes, scenarios evolve and the starting conditions are no longer valid, Result? The KPIs suggest reviewing the baseline and optimizing again, deming cycle The Deming cycle for optimization continues, Woe to those who think they can operate on a one-off basis with ecommerce optimization, We must continue to work on.

All this is ecommerce analytics

SEO, on Core Web Vitals, on the different versions of web pages to improve usability and the experience liv by the potential buyer, All this is ecommerce analytics, Risk ruction A brand that invests in ecommerce analytics is able to prict the problems that could come to the attention of those dealing with a complex business such as online sales, For example, by monitoring the KPIs defin upstream it is possible to check whether certain choices in terms of advertising  Latest database and SEO are still valid or whether there are problems on the horizon to be counter, Those who work on data analysis never fall from the clouds, they always keep an eye on the situation, 4 tips for doing ecommerce analytics.

while we hypothesize a tailor-made path

latse database

The world of data analysis provid to ecommerce marketing is infinite , Everything revolves around the web performance of the analyz website and the CRO, conversion rate optimization path, It is certainly essential to work with a database to optimize sales and improve your shop, To obtain the desir results you ne to invest in data-driven culture and strategy , In this regard, while we hypothesize a tailor-made path to improve the performance of your website with personaliz analyses , we address a series of essential points for your online store, Identify the most important KPIs The KPI  Buy Email List analysis and monitoring process starts from a well-structur definition of the parameters to be observ, Because this is what we are talking about.

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