Do you want to transform the digital showcase into a tool for selling online? Great, you have to measure everything, And he must understand the world of event tracking, metrics and KPIs, Only in this way can a Deming cycle be activat for the virtuous improvement of significant performances, Do you know what this means? Convert more and improve turnover over time , in a natural and sustainable way, Content index What is ecommerce analytics? The types of ecommerce analytics Internal analysis Competitor analysis Context analysis Why is analytics important? Activity forecast Constant optimization Risk ruction 4 tips for doing ecommerce analytics Identify the most important KPIs.

What is ecommerce analytics

Collect data across all platforms Skim and eliminate what is not ne Work on a useful presentation When does ecommerce analytics work start? What is ecommerce analytics? Let’s start with a basic definition: ecommerce analytics is everything that concerns the measurement and  new data interpretation of data link to online sales with a website, Through these techniques we collect information, clean it of useless defects , organize it and exploit it, The ultimate goal? Why invest in ecommerce analytics.

When sales and conversions are at

new data

Simple .To manage an online store. thanks to .a data-.driven perspective And make sure that every decision is made. Through .Empirical .evaluation .not by .intuition or improvisation, When sales and conversions are at .increase .The turnover of a. Digital project. this. approach makes the difference, Must read: what Google Tag Manager is and what it is for The types of  analytics As you can well  Buy Email List imagine, it is difficult to talk about a monolithic block when dealing with the topic of data analysis that revolves around a complex reality such.