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News from the social world for companies . Some recently introduced initiatives and updates from facebook, instagram . And whatsapp to help you promote your products and services online. Social media never stops: they change every week, day, hour, minute, second. And you can’t risk falling behind if you want to get better results than your online competitors. The solution is to inquire, constantly. Start with this post. P.S. To write this article we consulted the journal in social ninja marketing column. Updated every friday with the latest news from the social world.

Augmented Reality, Video Kits and Advertising in Stories

Keep an eye on her too, it’s worth it. Facebook: Special Data augmented reality, video kits and advertising in stories . Your company is on facebook and you are constantly looking . For tools and advice to make it stand out compared to the competition.  And therefore earn. We have selected the main news introduced in recent weeks by the menlo park giant. In our opinion interesting to give a boost to your online business. Read also: practical guide to creating a business facebook page . New ads in augmented reality have you heard of augmented reality or ar (augmented reality)? It is a technology that enriches.  The reality perceived by our senses with virtual information.  If a few years ago it was pure utopia, today it is becoming part of everyday life. 

New ads in augmented reality

Even facebook is increasingly willing to use it to improve  Buy Email List  the user experience.  On the platform: it has recently launched a new ad format in ar. If you have an e-commerce you should consider augmented reality sponsored.  Visible in the news feeds, which push people to virtually experiment . With your products on facebook and.  In the case of positive feedback, to complete the purchase online. Some big brands, including michael kors and sephora.  Have already tested them for clothing and other items for sale. Video creation kit for advertiser surely you have heard that.  “an image is worth a thousand words . And that a video is worth a thousand images”; so you thought.  About putting the videos in your content marketing strategy. 

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