Interacting and selling on social through social commerce allows you to make people feel special when you speak directly to them and drive engagement base on feeback or comments. It also provides an excellent opportunity to promote special offers and contests or share news. That can lead to further engagement with new followers. Of course. It all takes thought and planning to ensure you create great content that’s engaging to begin with. Relevant posts. Videos. And images will gain positive reactions. Which helps encourage engagement as well as sharing.

 The graphic below shows that the time spent on social meia

 The graphic below shows that the time spent on social meia apps is constantly changing. While facebook is still the most popular platform. People spend longer on youtube and tiktok. This is an important thing to consider in your content strategy as video continues to punch above its weight in terms of engagement. Time spent on social meia apps time spent on social meia apps check out: ‘an in-depth look at marketing on tiktok’ and ’10 ways to grow your youtube channel’ to get some insights for your social meia activities. Satisfy and respond to your customers everything adds to the customer experience. Social meia can provide you with a real-time way to answer questions for your customers.

This might be a scary prospect

 It improves relationships by allowing you to reply right away to their comments while creating real connections. This might be a scary prospect. But it is the best way to show you care. By 2025. 80 percent of customer service organizations will have abandone native mobile apps in favor of messaging for a better customer experience according to gartner. This means that apps like whatsapp. Wechat. And facebook messenger will become more popular as a way for customers to interact with brands. The research also preicts that proactive customer engagement interactions will outnumber reactive customer engagement interactions by 2025