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You’ll find more free extensions by going through the WooCommerce marketplace. From the WordPress admin panel, click on extensions and add. Then search for the plugin, preferably WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration. This has been create by the platform’s own developers and ensures better quality. Then download the extension and follow the on-screen instructions. You have now downloade and activate Google Analytics, but you still nee to configure the tool in order to retrieve data, insights and take advantage of its features. 2. Configure the extension The next step is to configure the extension. When you click on the plugin, you will be aske to enter your Google Analytics ID.

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You will not find this on the administration panel of WordPress, but by logging into your Google Analytics account. Inside Google Analytics, you must now add a new account or new area. When you create a new account, you will always be aske to create a phone number list new “Property”, . area. As WooCommerce is an extension for the web, you must select “web app” and enter a new name for the area, preferably WooCommerce. Next, enter the URL of your website. You have now connecte Google Analytics and WooCommerce. The last thing you nee to do is copy the Google Analytics “Tracking ID” into the plugin from the WordPress admin panel Finally you must tick.

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Enable Standard Tracking” inside the extension, so that Buy Email List Google Analytics collects data from all customer behavior on your website. on “Enhance Ecommerce”. Get starte now! We help you optimize your use of WordPress. CONTACT US FOR A CHAT What do the boxes mean? Google Analytics in WooCommerce, you’ll get lots of options and boxes to tick. Some are automatically checke off, while others you have to physically activate.

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