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Microsoft’s Azure text-to-speech platform is similar to IBM’s in that it is more suitable for large enterprises with a large budget.

g text-to-speech conversion that replicates the sound and feel of human voices. Azure features 400 natural voices in 140 languages ​​and more detail voice output options than other platforms.


Enable natural-soundin

You can simply customize speech output for your circumstances by changing sp.Pitch, intonation, pauses, and cell phone leads other parameters.

Text to Speech can also be run anywhere – in. The cloud, on premises, or in containers at the dge.

You can start using it for free and you only pay for what you use, which starts from $1 per hour of audio.

Voicepod is a unique web-bastext-to-speech application. It has 24 voices and nine foreign languages, as well as an expressive editor that allows the audio output to be customized.

allows you to use different speakers for different paragraphs on the same pod. You can convert any photos or files you like.

The multi-speaker function

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emwebsites. They support 16 International Voices, including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish (Latin American and European), and Hindi (Written as English, or Hindi ).

Control speech output to the tee. With the easy-to-use E situation. Developers can simply BUY Email List  integrate the voices creaty Voicepods into their products using the API.

You can start using it for free and premium prices start from $9/month.

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