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How do you make a selection of lures, hooks and sinkers?

The terminal hardware or the ‘end’ and ‘smallest’ hardware in the fishing set is very critical, although most of us give more weight to the main hardware such as the rod, reel and line.

Terminal tackle includes hooks, jigs, jigs, lures, floats and whatever else you like to tie.

Tips for choosing hooks
hook selection

1. Need to think first before making hook selection.

Maybe the tips below are useful for you to make the right choice when

The size and shape should be adapted to the Whatsapp Mobile Number List shape and size of the target fish’s mouth, the texture and size of the bait variety and the way the fish bites the bait and reacts when hooked.

2. Just because your sifu introduced a certain design pattern hook, you shouldn’t be able to experiment with other designs.

Fishing tackle designers are constantly inventing new designs and sometimes efficient inventions.

3. Sharpness, a feature we really want in a hook.

Check it before you buy it and check it again before you tie it.

The presence of defective hooks in the package is common.

Some have messy, half-open holes, rough surfaces and soft cores, all of which can contribute to disaster.

So, check, don’t not check.

4. Red hook?

I’m not sure that hook color makes much of a difference but each has its own advantages

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I like to buy the black nickel variety because of the Buy Email List smooth finish.

5. Some believe that the chemical sharpening technique (chemically sharpened) during the hook making process is a recent and expensive process.

Actually this process is not new.

There are even cheap hooks that are not labeled ‘chemically sharpened’ but are sharpened in such a way and the cost is low.

There are expensive brands that go through various processes so that the sharpness of the tip remains long-lasting.

Take the time to read any information on the packaging, especially if it describes the manufacturing process.

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