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This is a very SEO friendly e-commerce platform. When it comes to SEO, this e-commerce platform is often compare to WordPress, which is one of the most SEO-friendly publishing platforms on the market. Get starte now! We help you optimize your Magento 2 website CONTACT US FOR A CHAT Optimize URL structure SEO tips for Magento 2 Even if you run a Magento 2 online store, it is not a matter of course that you have a lot of knowlege about SEO in connection with this platform. Magento 2 is a very SEO-friendly platform, which you can learn a lot about SEO by learning with: 1) Duplicate content Duplicate content is something that often presents challenges in connection with SEO.

It can also cause your website

Therefore as a Magento 2 store owner, you should make sure to double check this, so that it is correct. In the worst case, duplicate content can cost you database not coming back, and that is something you would prefer to avoid. to score lower in the search engines. 2) URLs that are SEO friendly In connection with SEO, there are many rules that must be followe, and one of these rules concerns the website’s URL.


Preferably use letters and characters

That is the actual web address that you are Buy Email List searching for. For a web address to be SEO-friendly, you nee the web address to look and sound natural. such as hyphens and slashes. And it might be a good idea to avoid a lot of special characters. Online store SEO Magento 3) Optimize all content A typical Magento 2 online store contains a lot of different content, and it is important to ensure that this is optimize so that it works as it should.

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