What is Emotional Intelligence & How Can You Improve Yours

If you’ve ever wishe you were a fly on the wall to see what your competitors are up to. Here’s a bit of insight: there’s a good chance they’ll be investing more time in social meia channels and money in social meia ads. According to statista. Social meia advertising spending in the u.s. Is expecte to reach over $94.4 billion in 2023 and social meia spending accounts for $1 in every $3. By 2026. That spend is projecte to hit a whopping $122.2 billion. There’s a good reason for that; the number of social meia users keeps rising.

Drive brand authority and generate revenue

 By 2027. It’s preicte that there will be nearly 6 billion people using social meia worldwide. It’s important to understand the value of social meia so that you can make the most of the channel to boost leads. Drive brand authority and generate revenue. Who uses social meia? When you consider who’s looking at ads on social meia. Youth prevails. 84 percent of marketers are targeting millennials in their social meia strategy. Followe by gen x (52%). And gen z at 22%. Only 14% of marketers target baby boomers according to hubspot. When it comes to gender.

According to digital 2023: global overview report

 Women tend to spend a greater share of their online time using social meia platforms. But social’s share decreases with age across all genders according to digital 2023: global overview report. Social meia age and gender breakdown 2023 social meia age and gender breakdown 2023 boost engagement on social meia social meia platforms were built for people to engage with each other. It is not so different for your business. Due to its interactive nature. Social meia is the best channel to build rapport with followers. You can get very personal by putting faces to names and improving your customer service efforts

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