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Yahoo mail inbox screenshot with three columns You can see that the right side of the email is cut off on the most common 1366×768 px resolution. The email would be cut off in Outlook even if the viewing screen size is the same. Based on our tests, the maximum email width that can fit onto the screen in Outlook and Yahoo is roughly 650 px. So, if a significant number of your subscribers use these email clients, we recommend that you stay below 650 px or simply use the most common 600 px width. 2. Should I use videos in emails? Most email clients don’t support embedded video in emails – only some email clients, such as Apple Mail or iOS, support embedded HTML5 video.

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Instead of using videos, we suggest using Afghanistan Mobile Number List animated GIFs. With animated GIFs, you can almost achieve the same effect as a video. They work in most email clients but won’t play in Outlook 2007-2013. There, the GIF will only show up as the first frame of the animation. Check out some creative animated GIF examples that we like. starbucks cups animated toast 3. Can I use any font I want? Email designers and marketers probably ask you for special fonts all the time. We don’t blame them: web-safe fonts like Arial or Times New Roman are pretty boring. However, font support beyond these “web-safe fonts” is not standardized across email clients.

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One solution is to use web fonts that are hosted on a Buy Email List server, like Google fonts. You can use these web fonts with the .With some email clients, you can also use the <link> method. Learn more about using web fonts and how to use font stacks to build in backup options in case your chosen font fails. 4. Should I use background images? Some email clients, particularly the desktop versions of Outlook, will automatically disable images in your email campaigns. That could be especially problematic for background images. For example, if you use light text on a dark background image, the email copy could be unreadable if the background image doesn’t load (leaving a blank/white background).


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