Determine what products your competitors offer

EBook download about you have educated your subscribers on the potential benefits of the supplement before you present the offer. Now, the product is the answer they’ve been looking for, rather than something being shoved in their face. Fullscript, for example, sent an email covering all the information someone might want to know about Vitamin D. While this content doesn’t directly sell anything, it informs subscribers of the benefits, which may lead to them purchasing supplements from Fullscript down the road. That’s how email and B2C content can boost sales.

Determine what products your competitors

Fullscript email campagin with B2C content on Georgia Mobile Number List Vitamin D Via Really Good Emails 3. Drip campaign content Drip campaigns offer another way to increase your segmented delivery of content through email. A welcome series is just one type of drip campaign. But you can create many others. Consumer purchases that are expensive or represent a lifestyle change, such as new vehicles, new homes, or college education, require a lot of research. Email is the perfect channel for delivering helpful content that guides consumers on a customer journey that ends with them choosing your brand.

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Research your competitors sales tactics

Let’s say that someone signed up for an eBook Buy Email List download about things to do in Costa Rica. You might send an email similar to this one from Essential Costa Rica, with targeted content specific to trip planning. Or, suppose your website offers a PDF explaining how to remove mold from a basement. What do we know about someone who downloads that PDF? They must have a mold problem! And they probably have a basement, too. So you can safely follow up with anyone who downloads that using a series of emails offering even more content. Send a video showing how to clean mold, using a product that you sell. Send an infographic or step-by-step instructions on how to replace a wall that has been too damaged by mold to simply patch over.


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