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Knowing the history of your family can be not only interesting, but also useful. Family trees establish inheritance and property rights, and they can be critical in proving or refuting important legal issues. Usually this method is us to wars, natural disasters, emigration, etc. [ 3 ] In addition, a family tree may be requir if a person has a genetic disease. Many parents-to-be worry about whether and how likely they are to pass on their diseases to their children. Knowing what mical problems are in the family tree can help you make important decisions, and potentially save lives. Researchers from the Oxford University Big Data Institute have creat the largest family tree.

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Which unites more than 27 million people worldwide [ 4 ]. According to the study, this marks an important milestone on the road to mapping all human Antigua and Barbuda Email list genetic relationships. You can make a family tree yourself or through an agency. In Russia, there are enough agencies dealing with genealogy issues. The cost of their services ranges from several tens of thousands of rubles to a million or more. The price varies depending on how large the tree nes to be and how urgently it nes to be prepar. Through an agency organization, then the person pays not only for the information itself, but also for the final product (album, presentation, etc.

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The International Institute for Genealogical

About two dozen large organizations operate in Russia – the Buy Email List International Genealogical Center, the International Institute for Genealogical Research, the Center for Genealogical Research and others. For example, at  Research, the development of one family branch will take two years and will cost at least ₽480,000. At the same time, you will additionally ne to pay for travel and archival expenses of employees (from ₽100 to 250,000). Urgent research of one branch, it is important to structure the information so as not to miss anything important and get a clear picture of your family.

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