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Which will take up to four months, will already cost ₽1.2 million [ 5 ] You can also use the services of private researchers, the prices for which vary from thousands to tens of thousands of rubles. They are usually recruit on a case-by-case basis to find specific information when compiling a full-scale pigree. There are special forums. [ 6 ] On one’s own Creating a family tree yourself will require a lot of effort and time, but it will be much cheaper. The main expenses will be spent on obtaining certificates and extracts from the archives, as well as on travel.

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How to find information for a family tree It will take Argentina Email List several stages to work on a family tree: Gather background information It is best to start with the family archive and talk to relatives. It is also worth organizing family photos and documents.  to the smallest detail. For example, the date on the photo will allow you to calculate the date of birth of a relative. Details of clothing will also tell a lot, for example, where the ancestor work or serv. This information can be us to later contact the archives of relevant organizations or departments.

Country Email List

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Make inquiries Registry offices have been registering births Buy Email List and deaths since the 1920s, and older documents go from there to local archives. You can contact the local registry office in person or by e-mail by filling out . The certificate will be ready within a month. After that, you will ne to pay a fee of 200 rubles. and come to your department with documents confirming kinship (death certificate, birth documents) [ 7 ]. From the certificate you can find out the names of those born, deceas, getting marri, the date and place of their birth, the date of death, citizenship, nationality, cause of death, social status, place of residence, occupation, age.

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