Access to information The connection with the country of origin is very strong and so is the influence they have in that culture. A way to stay close to China without appearing out of place. Stay focus on your customers. This is the mantra Another aspect that should be underlin is that in times of emergency like this it is clearly more difficult to acquire new customers . The sentiment is different, fear and mistrust circulates and the propensity to purchase is significantly ruc. But this may instead be the time to start again from your customers and your CRM (and if you haven’t done so yet we recommend you delve deeper into the topic starting from this guide What is CRM and how it works.

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The frenetic activities aim at ensuring operational continuity, it is easy to lose track of the relationship with your customers. It’s time to update your contacts the inactive, the dormant and the active. It is an opportunity to cultivate relationships with those who have already seo expater bangladesh ltd shown trust in the brand , to create a long-lasting bond . Offering content and offers design for them, perhaps online, is a very effective tool for building loyalty and improving Customer Lifetime Value. Leverage social mia for helpful communications. Europe is now the epicenter of the pandemic, while China is starting to emerge from it.

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At this time must abandon the purely commercial objective to make themselves useful. As also support by Nick Cakebread, it is time to make ourselves available, with initiatives aim at helping the population and not at selling. From this point of view , social Buy Email List networks can do a lot you can offer useful information, offer meeting platforms for producers of basic necessities or simply tell how your company implements all the rules recommend for the protection of public health. In China, Wechat, Starbucks China and Alibaba have act in this direction. New-era-customer-loyalty Return to index Business strategy in the time of Coronavirus Coronavirus is a pandemic destin to leave profound marks on the global economy.