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The abbreviation CEIDG means that we are talking about the Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity. What is the You can purpose of the changes introduc in CEIDG? As can be read in the justification to the draft act, the purpose of the introduc changes is to implement solutions aim at simplifying the process of starting and running a business by entrepreneurs. Share with others Up Previous article Dropshipping and affiliate marketing – which solution is better? Next article What is price dumping and how does it work Clause disclaimer on.

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On our articles. Express your opinion and engage in discussions with other readers. We answer individual questions relat to taxes and accounting of users via e-mail, chat or telephone – contact us . The administrator of your personal data is IFIRMA SA bas in philippines photo editor Wrocław. By adding a comment on the blog, you provide us with your data name and surname, e-mail address and comment content. The system also records the IP address using which you add the comment. The data is sav in the WordPress database. Your data is process bas on your consent resulting from adding a comment.

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The purpose of publishing a comment on the blog, as well as for the purpose of defending or pursuing claims. Data in the WordPress database is stor for the duration of the blog’s operation. You can learn more about the details of data processing by IFIRMA SA Buy Email List on the privacy policy page of the website . Maybe these topics tooThey will make you curious Rules for ducting health insurance premiums Do you run or intend to run a business? You are certainly curious about how health insurance premiums are currently settl. When are additional benefits for employees exempt from ZUS and taxation? Do your employees receive additional benefits.

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