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The MBA program Reliable and versatile, meeting modern requirements, applicable in any field of activity, test by AMBA and NASDOBR accritations, the MBA General Management program is our flagship program,” says Alla Kanke, director of the Graduate School of Business  . Networking An important factor that, according to the majority of experts survey, attracts students to MBA programs is networking during training and maintaining communication between alumni through alumni associations. As uard Kolozhvari, head of the NSUEM Graduate School of Business , notes, in addition to the direct benefits of communicating with trainers, studying on MBA programs allows.

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Pople who are close in spirit and aspirations to gather in one space Czech Republic Email List of various forms of cooperation. Portrait of an MBA student It is necessary to study at MBA programs, but, perhaps, not for everyone. Such ucation is for ambitious people who have a good idea of ??what they ne this ucation for, says Alla Kanke. At the moment, the bar of requirements for managers and businessmen has risen, they have to take into account more and more factors that affect the activities of companies and organizations, and, therefore, take more care of obtaining relevant and systemic knowlge. Scatter courses are not able to help in solving such a problem.

Country Email List

Makes getting an ucation much more convenient

The Russian approach (part-time learning format) a student of the program can successfully combine studying with work and thereby save income. In addition, the ucational effect is enhanc: the knowlge gain can be appli immiately at work, notes Bulat Nureyev, Skolkovo. How to study for MBA programs in 2023 Flexible programs are being disseminat that provide the Buy Email List opportunity for “parallel” learning, when students can independently decide whether to come to classroom classes or work with a group in an online format. At the same time, you can often study the material for the lesson at any time online (asynchronous learning option.

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