The most popular will be business workshops

The number of online MBAs offer in the world has almost doubl in 2021-2022,” notes Bulat Nureyev. — In 2020, the Skolkovo School transferr many of its programs online, in particular, 80% of corporate ones. Now after the pandemic restrictions, we see that listeners have a reasonable request for live face-to-face meetings. Therefore, their choice again falls on offline or hybrid learning formats.” At the same time, can apply the knowlge gain in working projects. For example, in IMISP, for this, the ucational process, homework and the interaction of students with teachers and among themselves are built in a certain way.

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We strive to encourage students as much as possible to immiately start Czechia Email List applying or at least try to apply the acquir knowlge in the practice of their business,” says Yaroslav Pavlov, rector of IMISP . According to Margarita Perepelitsa, Dean of the School of International Programs of the MBA FES RANEPA , strategic sessions from company leaders who will share their invaluable experience in achieving operational efficiency here and now, entering new markets, finding ways to build new supply chains building successful project teams. As part of the MBA from the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University in 2022, a new business internship program was launch in a number of Russian regions.

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Moscow State University notes that

In particular together with the Corporation for the Buy Email List Development of the Kaliningrad Region, an internship was organiz with visits to technoparks and innovative enterprises of the special economic zone. Valentina Gerasimenko, head of the MBA programs at the Faculty of Economics of the new module was not inferior to similar foreign internships either in content or organization, and this practice will definitely be continu. “The task of a business school and a good business ucation is to teach a person to systematically look at any situation and, most importantly.


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