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PESEL number and even names, surnames and dates of birth of children, but only if it involves the use of special rights provid for in the labor law. be ask to send a photo. He is also not oblig to provide contact details such as telephone or e-mail address, although from the point of view of the person applying for a job position, it does not make sense to stick to this regulation. It is strictly forbidden to ask about marital status, maternity plans, views (political and religious), sexual orientation, trade union membership, health or past illnesses.  to have discriminat against one of the above grounds, he must.

If this happens and the employer is proven

The discriminat candidate compensation in the amount of at least New Caledonia Email List the minimum wage (Article 18(3a) of the Labor Code). interview What not to ask during an interview – 5 forbidden areas Below is a list of five areas that a recruiter should not violate during an interview. Unfortunately, especially many employers with poor knowlge of the law raise them during the interview with the candidate. Private life – the question about personal life, including marital status or having children or future plans relat to offspring, is not justifi. It is also completely unacceptable to investigate a candidate’s sexual orientation. He must not feel discriminat against because of his age or gender.

Country Email List

The recruiter should not raise this topic

Religion – the employer must respect the candidate’s religion. Confession is Buy Email List very important to many people, so it is a privacy-invading question. Political views – beware of questions about political views. A candidate may feel self-conscious if he or she believes that a particular political group is favor. No criminal record – although some candidates attach a certificate of no criminal record,  during the interview. Information about possible crimes committ in the past could affect the assessment of the candidate. Physical activity – it makes no sense to ask if.

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