Channel description piques to the creator’s social media and newsletter, and provides information about the creator’s online store, including its restocking schedule. Why We Love It This YouTube channel description takes a personal approach to the channel’s subject matter. The description gives visitors clarity about the channel’s content and artistic focus. It also encourages viewers to interact with the creator on their social media platforms to learn more about them and view more of their content. 6. SciShow youtube channel description example: scishow Image Source SciShow’s YouTube channel description introduces the channel’s creators and hints at the topics that viewers can expect to see every week.

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The description also outlines the channel’s France Mobile Number List posting schedule and mentions other YouTube channels associated with the brand. Why We Love It This YouTube channel description tells its viewers when they will see uploads. This is a good strategy to ensure users visit the channel right at the time when they’re expecting to see new content. If views go up on a page, the YouTube algorithm is more likely to boost your channel to a wider audience. 7. Unbox Therapy youtube channel description example: unbox therapy Image Source Unbox Therapy’s YouTube channel description states the channel’s tagline, gives an overview of the channel’s content, and provides a contact email for business inquiries.

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Why We Love It This simple channel description piques Buy Email List viewers’ interest with a captivating tagline and a straightforward explanation of the channel’s content. It also includes an email that allows viewers to contact the creators to inquire about the business and ask professional questions about the channel. Free YouTube Description Templates Free templates to help you plan and promote your YouTube videos. Description Templates Thumbnail Template Banner Image Templates YouTube Strategy Template Download for free Learn more YouTube Channel Description Templates Now that we’ve covered the basics, take a look at a few templates you can use to craft a compelling YouTube description.