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This type of email marketing content increases opens, clicks, shares, replies, and other forms of participation. Plus, it creates loyal customers who trust and respect your brand. So, they keep coming back for more. 5. Audience insights CMI found that 42% of companies said one of their greatest challenges was creating content that appeals to different segments of their audience. This is yet another area in which content and email can help each other out. One way to start improving the personalization of your email marketing content is to pay attention to who is clicking on what. And it works both ways.

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If your email list is segmented, content marketers can Conduit Mobile Number List discover the topics that resonate with certain types of subscribers. Share analytics between teams to gain audience insights that help optimize both the content and email strategies. 6. Subscriber education An educated subscriber is a subscriber who’s much closer to making a purchase decision. Content is one of the most persuasive ways to explain the features and benefits of B2C products and services. This can make future sales opportunities effortless. Whereas, if you just start wailing on them with sales offer after sales offer right after they join your list, you burn them out and turn them off.

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Five ideas for using content in email campaigns Buy Email List As mentioned earlier, your email marketing content should be more than just newsletters and sales offers. And yet as you’ll recall, CMI found that 44% of B2C marketers aren’t using non-newsletter emails to distribute content. That’s a missed opportunity. Here are five other ways to increase your content marketing through email. 1. Welcome email content What should you include in your welcome email marketing content? A lot of B2C companies jump straight to coupons, giveaways, and special offers.


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