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Briefly compared CSS animations also eliminate the need to generate animated GIFs. If you’re not sure why this is important, read on! We’ll dive into that in the section below. What’s the difference between CSS animations and animated GIFs? While cool animated GIFs have long been a cornerstone of email design, CSS animations can step up and fill in the gaps where GIFs lag behind. Let’s look at a comparison between the two types of animation: Animated GIFs CSS Animations Easy to create through sites like Giphy Require more knowledge to create and troubleshoot Slow loading speed.

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Lightweight and loads fast Good support across Hong Kong Mobile Number List major email clients Limited client support Tend to lag and lack the smooth look of CSS animations as the images go frame by frame Look very good on high-quality mobile devices Image-based Code-based As you can see, both GIFs and CSS animations have their pros and cons. This guide focuses on CSS animations, but you can check out this article to learn more about using GIFs in emails. Below, we’ll unpack some of the pros and cons about CSS animations listed above and show you how to harness their power.

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What are some pros of using CSS Buy Email List animations in emails? We briefly compared CSS animations and GIFs above, but let’s dive into the benefits in more detail: CSS animations are great for emails because they: Load fast Grab your subscriber’s attention Allow you to inject some creativity into your email Let’s unpack each of these below. Why do CSS animations load faster than GIFs? CSS animations are relatively lightweight and small in terms of file size compared to GIFs. That means that CSS animations will load faster than GIFs. As any email marketer will tell you, subscribers don’t have a long attention span.


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