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Being an email developer content and MJM. Another technique that experienced email developers use regularly is overlapping elements in a design. For example, you may want live text overlayed on top of a graphic. That way, the email is accessible for screen reader usage, and crucial copy will show up even if the recipient has images turned off. To make this happen in MJML, the <mj-raw> tag once again comes to the rescue. Nicole used some advanced styles, which email super-geeks Mark Robbins, Steven Sayo, and Rémi Parmentier shared with the community. You can learn more about those methods for overlay and absolute positioning from Steven Sayo on Medium and from a post on Good Email Code by Mark Robbins.

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Once you’ve figured out how to use those code snippets to Singapore Mobile Number List achieve. The kind of overlapping you want, it’s as simple as placing it into either an style> or <mj-raw> tag. Nicole told me she chose to use  with a regular  tag for organizational purposes because she wanted to keep it as its own separate string. Let the experimentation begin Now that you’ve been introduced to the basics of this email framework and some advanced MJML coding techniques, it’s time to start playing around. Nicole mentioned a few times that she did have to experiment with things a bit to get all of this to work.

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If you ask me, that’s part of the fun of being Buy Email List an email developer. And here’s some good news… Nicole says that the MJML Community on Slack is super friendly and helpful. So, as you start trying out advanced MJML techniques and hit roadblocks, head over there to ask questions and make connections. Speaking of connecting… we’re just getting started with Notes from the Dev: Video Edition. There are more great tips, tricks, and tutorials coming your way soon. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube so you aren’t left out.


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