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You know expensive shipping is the number one reason for cart abandonment.  Nowadays, free shipping is a major perk that can attract consumers to choose one brand over another. If you work in an industry where shipping is a major factor.Like ecommerce — you’ll want to take a look at competitors’ shipping costs and ensure you’re meeting (if not exceeding) those prices. If most of your competitors’ offer free shipping, you’ll want to look into the option for your own company. Inn Addition, If free shipping isn’t a practical option for your business, consider how you might differentiate in other ways. Including loyalty programs, holiday discounts, or giveaways on social media.

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Free Competitive Analysis Templates Track and Netherlands Mobile Database analyze. Inn Addition, Your competitors with these ten free planning templates. SWOT Analysis Battle Cards Feature Comparison Strategic Overview Download for free Learn more 6. Analyze how your competitors market their products. Analyzing your competitor’s website is the fastest way to gauge their marketing efforts. Take note of any of the following items and copy down the specific URL for future reference: Do they have a blog? Are they creating whitepapers or ebooks? Do they post videos or webinars? Do they have a podcast? Are they using static visual content such as infographics and cartoons? What about slide decks? Do they have a FAQs section.

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Are there featur articles. Do you see press releases? Do they Buy Email List have a media kit. Inn Addition, What about case studies? Do they publish buying guides and data sheets. What online and offline advertising campaigns are they running? 7. Take note of your competition’s content strategy. More over Then, take a look at the quantity of these items. Do they have several hundred blog posts or a small handful? Are there five white papers and just one ebook? Next, determine the frequency of these content assets. Are they publishing something new each week or once a month? How often does a new ebook or case study come out. Chances are if you come across a robust archive of content. Your competitor has been publishing regularly.


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