Tips for Choosing Lures Lure Hook

Since Most Hard-bodied Lures Need to Swim. Beautifully to Tempt a Strike. What You See on the Wall of the Shop Won’t Help if It’s Perched or Skidding on the Surface. Of the Water After Being Cast.

Popular Brand Lures Are Often Tested in the Tank Before. Being Packaged, So They Are Sure to Swim Well Right Out of the Package.

2. Most Quality Lures Are Tested Individually, and the Rate of Production. Is Slower Than Cheap Lures as Bullets. Are ‘spitted’ From the Molding Machine.

Avoid buying lures equipped with cheap hooks, and the tie holes

4. It is worthwhile if you check the information on the package of lures such as the brand of hook used, instructions for use, country of origin and warranty.

If there is less information, the manufacturer does not want you to know about the lure.

5. The increasing number and variety of soft plastic lures (SP) really ‘scares’ us to see them.

But it has been effective for a long time.

In my experience, all types and colors of SP are good and some are more effective than others.

soft plastic hook

6. Two things must be remembered when using SP, which is that the hook and jig head are of good quality and the size of the SP is suitable for the natural prey of the target fish.

7. You can avoid buying cheap SP, but you can’t get away from a blunt, cheap and soft hook or a jig head that doesn’t match or the weight is not balanced with the lure.

Be diligent in using the rope or leader as fine as possible so as not to distort the movement

9. Buying terminal hardware is the same as buying other items, ask any questions to the fishing shop operator.

Tips for choosing a ballast tank
hook weight load

1. Sometimes Ladung stones are found to be poorly made with sharp edges.

If found, do not pick it up because the sharp corner cannot compromise the fishing line.

2. If the kids help you pick a lure from a storage container at the fishing tackle shop, make sure they wash their hands afterwards.

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