Know the pitfalls CSS animations support repeating animations? One major drawback of CSS animations is the lack of email support for the animation-iteration-count property. This property enables us to control the number of times an animation repeats. That means we can either have an animation repeat once or infinitely. It’s a pretty heavy drawback, but there are still lots of amazing animations you can do in emails with continuous looping. In addition, check out how pseudo-classes can help you restart CSS animations.

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Can CSS animations do delayed animations? Another Chile Mobile Number List drawback is the lack of support for the animation-delay property. This is the CSS snippet that allows us to delay how long before an animation triggers and starts. That means all our animations will start as soon as the email loads. Can CSS animations do scroll-based or scroll-triggered animation? Unfortunately, CSS animations can’t do scroll-based or scroll-triggered animations. These techniques use jQuery (a sub-branch of JavaScript) to handle scroll-based triggers to call in the CSS animations.

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It’s a beautiful technique, but we all know the pitfalls Buy Email List of trying to get JavaScript to work in an email! How much time do you have to create your email campaign? Time is a very important factor when making changes to your email campaigns. For instance: Will the animation be complex and take many hours to create? If so, consider the use of animated GIFs. Will the animation take a lot of time to test across different platforms? At Email on Acid by Sinch, we’ve got your cross-platform testing needs covered.