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So if you’re concerned about the latter, check out our Campaign Precheck tool. You can also mitigate time issues by creating an animation “framework.” Every time you create a cool new CSS animation, consider saving the animation code by itself. That way, you can build a reusable library of animations you can pull into your email campaigns. This is an example of modular design, which can really speed up email development. What email clients support CSS animations? Perhaps the most important consideration is your subscriber base.

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CSS animation functionalities are supported across Argentina Mobile Number List a mix of different email clients. However, if you’re dealing primarily with a B2B subscriber base, you’ll definitely want to know your subscriber’s device. If only 10% of your list opens on a device or email client that supports CSS animations, you may want to use an email GIF instead. After all, our goal is to optimize the user experience, and more email clients may support GIFs than CSS animations. Check out the following table to see if an email client supports CSS animations.

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Email client Supported? Apple Mail Buy Email List Yes Gmail No Microsoft Outlook (except macOS) No Microsoft Outlook (macOS 2011, 2016) Yes Yahoo! Mail No AOL No Samsung Email Yes Mozilla Thunderbird Yes For other email clients, check out the full list from Can I Email. How can I use CSS animations in emails? Now that we’ve gone through some CSS animation basics, let’s look at two examples of how to use CSS animations to enhance email campaigns. Seagate’s Halloween email Check out the following Halloween email from Seagate. Notice how the creative agency behind this email used CSS animations to create the effect of ghosts flying down the email.


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