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In existing markets investment in marketing Product development – ​​You develop product variants for existing or develop markets. development of electric cars Diversification –  production of solar panels for private households In addition to a growth strategy you can or must choose a stabilization or  position and market situation. A strategy consultancy always first evaluates the company’s position in the market or in different markets on the basis of a detail market and competition analysis. Different scenarios regarding assumptions about future developments then form the starting point for defining a strategy.

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The corporate strategy is largely ultimately decid by top-level Senegal Email List management. Business Unit Strategy The business area strategy is deriv from the corporate strategy. and focuses on strategic competition-orient decisions. With Porter’s approach which is still valid you have the choice between three basic orientations: Cost leadership – Your focus is on maximum efficiency throughout the value chain. Differentiation – You differentiate yourself from the competition through uniqueness quality innovation design. Niche strategy – You withdraw from the competition in the overall market and specialize in a worthwhile niche. Middle management is usually entrust with this task.

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In the case of cost leadership for example it is important to optimize all Buy Email List processes of corporate value creation from the point of view of efficiency. If you opt for a strategy consultancy that may be specializ in the respective areas they will not make any strategic recommendations that are contrary to the set corporate strategy. Online certificate course Business Development Manager Learn online flexibly and part-time with the online certificate course Business Development Mangager and learn promising approaches models and concepts in online modules to initiate change processes and developments as a future Business Development Manager. Get information here. Business Development Manager DIM functional area strategy.

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