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Animated loading bar we’re doing here is telling the browser that for any element with the class spin applie to it, we want to call our animation and have it spin for four seconds for an infinite loop. Fading In this tutorial, we’ll use the same principles as above to create a fading animation. This is what we’re going for: Grumpy cat image fades in and out We’ll target the three main different browser types to ensure our code appears in every possible client it can. The big difference here is that we’ve thrown in some extra keyframes. All this means is that at 0% of the animation cycle, the opacity is set to “0,” meaning it’s fully transparent.

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Then, at 50% (or halfway through the USA Phone Number List animation. The opacity will be “1,” or fully opaque. Then, at 100% of the animation cycle, the animation is set to “0” opacity again. Using this keyframe method, we can control exactly what we want our animation to do and when. By having it start and end on 0 opacity, we create a nice fading loop. We call our animation exactly the same way as we did for the rotation: . Simulate “Loading Bar” Ever wante to make a loading bar? Let’s learn how by using a sequence of changing background colors to mimic the effect of a loading bar, like so.

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Simulation of an animate loading bar As this code Buy Email List is a bit longer and a bit more complicate, we’ve put it onto Codepen so as to not fill the page. We’ll reference the code to dig into it below, but check out the full working code here. Basically, what we’re doing here is creating five different animations. Each has five stages of animation: 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% We color each box black to create this effect at a different stage of the animation. For example, the first box has this: 0% { background:25% { background: 50% { background: 5% { background:100% { background:  For the first 25% of the animation cycle, we’re saying we want the box to have a black background color.


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