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Possible to create fallbacks the third box, we have the same sort of thing, but the cycle changes the box to black at the third 25% of the animation: 0% { background:  25% { background: } 50% { background: #000000 } 75% { background:  100% { background If you look at the full code, you’ll also notice we still make sure to target the three browser types – hence why the code is so long! Background animations A really powerful feature we have access to is the ability to animate backgrounds. This is one of our favorite ways to add subtle animations to give your emails an edge without worrying about fallbacks. When it doesn’t animate, it just looks like a regular background.

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This is the effect we’ll be creating: Animated email Bahrain Mobile Number List background image Check out the working code sample before you get start. So how do we create this amazing effect? Again, it’s all about getting your head around what’s supporte and how to use keyframe animations. In the code, we tell the background image to scroll to a pixel value that’s either in a positive or negative direction from the starting point of the background: background-position: 0 0; } } We can modify this further by adding images/text on top of the scrolling background to create clever animations like the creative company display block did above. How can I be sure my CSS animations will work? As we mentione before, CSS animations have limite support across email clients.

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While it’s possible to create fallbacks, how can Buy Email List you be sure your email will look as you intende? At Email on Acid, we like to say, “Don’t guess, test!” Let us help you send your best email using our Campaign Precheck tool. This feature can help you: Preview your email on major clients Validate your links Check your spelling Collaborate via Team Management tools to make the review and QA process organize, streamline, and efficient Why leave the success of your CSS animations up to chance when you can see how your email will appear to your subscribers across major email clients? That’s a wrap CSS animations and animate GIFs are great ways to enhance your emails.


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