There is no single formula there are formulas

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There is no single formula there are formulas for each one you have. To try experiment and measure until you find your own answers. If you lik this story and the way platanitos has grown through digital platforms. We invite you to enter and participate in our free course so that pro mont can tell you more and more details. Three aspects of communication that covid chang forever. Marketing university the unique moment that we are experiencing worldwide has call into question. The current model of communication services which have been affect. By an acceleration in organizational changes which will refine. The relationship between agencies publishers platforms and brands. In the field of marketing and advertising. Covid took us all by surprise.

Experiential marketing does not assume that 

On march no one knew that four days later no one would return to the office. From one week to the next so many changes that have been taking place within the marketing communication and advertising industry have accelerat that there is no mobile app development service turning back. Ferico isuani president of iab méxico leader in digital marketing and communication with more than years of experience in the development of digital and strategic marketing strategies will accompany us in this reflection of the drastic changes accelerat by covid that have occurr in communication marketing and advertising Ecosystem many companies and people were not prepar to assume.

The customer will be satisfied with the purchase

Changes such as remote work that covid has impos especially organizations with a business model bas on direct day-to-day contact btl and experience marketing companies that depend precisely on the anti- social distancing. The communication and marketing Buy Email List platforms and tools we us were different. How many of us before covid had a zoom meet or teams account platforms agencies and companies are seeing their ability to adapt to this new ne to provide add value to their clients and audiences.

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