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The volume of ice is gradually decreasing In September 2022, the temperature over the center of Greenland was 8 º? above the average for the past three decades. Due to the abnormally high temperature, the Earth’s ice sheets began to melt faster. Ice volume in Antarctica in February 2022 reach its lowest level in 44 years of satellite observations. Ice sheets store vast amounts of fresh water and help cool the atmosphere. Scientists have calculat that if all the glaciers completely melt, then the level of the world’s oceans will rise by about 70 meters. The shores will be wash out, and residents of coastal cities and towns will have to move.

The amount of sea ice in the Arctic has been

However before the complete destruction of glaciers, at least a Israel Email List few hundr years. Massive flooding in Pakistan Scientists suggest that climate change is likely to be the cause of Pakistan’s deadly floods in 2022. A record amount of precipitation fell: the rains flood about a third of the country’s territory.  33 million people . Over 2 million buildings were destroy. About 8 million people were forc to leave their  declining in recent decades. Scientists believe that these are the consequences of atmospheric rivers. We understand what this phenomenon is and how it affects the environment What’s the trend.

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The Arctic becomes humid Atmospheric rivers

Atmospheric rivers are long, powerful streams of water vapor in Buy Email List the sky. In the past decade, they have increasingly penetrat into the Arctic, which contributes to a sharp ruction in the area of ??Arctic sea ice. Pennfei Zhang, a Pennsylvania State University scientist , notes that this process can have both positive and negative consequences. As the Earth warms, carry heat and water from areas close to the equator to mid-latitudes and further north. For example, in January 2023 they l to extreme rainfall in California and New Zealand. Also, atmospheric rivers carry most of the moisture to the Arctic.

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