The importance of the right to digital disconnection

The border between workday and private life has become more difficult to detect with digitalization . Although the way in which we importance of the communicate or organize our tasks has improved with the integration of digital tools. It also brings with it a series of problems to monitor. With the arrival of teleworking and the passing of the pandemic. It has become mandatory to guarantee the physical and mental health of a company’s professionals. In this case, the right to digital disconnection will be vital when. It comes to avoiding episodes of work stress or burnout , as well as poor team performance. Regardless of the nature of the work, it is clear that an overload of tasks or the lack of breaks. Will negatively affect the performance of our organization. The mental health of workers will be weakened if a disconnection from the workday is not achieved.

Right to digital disconnection in teleworking

There are different ways to guarantee the right to digital disconnection. However, and importance of the thanks to the consolidation of remote work, this has become more difficult to regulate. Especially if there is no protocol or Fax Lists internal policy that guarantees it. In certain work sectors, the use of technological devices is intrinsic and cannot be avoided . And, although this dynamic improves the performance of workers. On the other hand it enhances the need for constant connectivity between workers and this is where team leaders. Human Resources professionals must get involved. Get a guide to implement teleworking At Factorial HR we have prepared an ebook for you to implement remote work correctly. We teach you how to work with selection processes and onboardings in a digital way. Download our guide on teleworking completely free of charge.

How is the right to digital disconnection regulated

In the same way that team managers or employers can measure the performance of our workers. We can also control that they comply with the Buy Email List disconnection agreement. It is important to ensure that non-compliance with these. Regulations cannot be encouraged from the corporate side of the company. Therefore, we find different ways to regulate compliance with this right. Communications during business hours Normally, workers will have notifications or message. Alerts both on their work computers and on their mobile phone, if they work with applications in this format. Receiving notifications of new tasks, comments or modifications outside of working hours can cause. Job dissatisfaction or episodes where they feel overloaded with work. By not getting professionals to disconnect from the workday, their work performance for which. They are being compensated will be damaged.

The customer will get a solution after reading

Some of these tend to drive the customer away. 5. Headlines that make promises and actually demand attention It’s hard to understand and underestimate the importance of headlines . Headings are absolutely the most important part of the content, because it depends on whether you engage the reader or the customer or not. If the title is not in the top 10 (it is not always important to get in the top 10), no one bothers to continue, in this case, to read. Headlines must be written in such a way that they engage the reader. Make a promise with the title that it. Offer solutions with headings, but don’t say the answer right away.

Outdoor advertisements understand

Of course writing headlines doesn’t come right away, it takes practice and testing. You only get good with practice. Soon you will automatically what is a good title Latest Mailing Database and what is not. Where do you get inspiration for titles? See magazine titles, advertisement texts,, your own e-mail folders. 6. Proof that your product or service really works Real life examples are very important. It is especially good if you can give examples of how your product works. How your customers have benefite from it in real situations – either emotionally or financially. Coming back to point 4, feeback written simply as a “filler” usually does not work.

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The best example is yourself

It must be a story, a direct and sincere story of Buy Email List the client, how He really got help. Real life examples significantly reuce the customer’s fear of purchase.. Write how the product or service has solve your real problems. Make it a story, tell it to customers. 7. Importance of the first paragraph – promise and persuasion A good sales text requires a very good title, but another very important component is the first paragraph. After the title, the customer will most likely read the first paragraph.

Category descriptions  should be slightly

The H header should contain the product name and key phrase. Product descriptions versus category descriptions In my article, I focused on product descriptions. Meanwhile, your page also needs to include category descriptions. It can be a bit tricky to tell the difference between a product description and a category descriptio if it’s poorly written. These two types of content are clearly different from each other. Product descriptions for online stores are based on detail. It should include specific information about the features, parameters, properties, applications, benefits – that is, everything I wrote about above.

Do We Build A New Strategy Every Year

On the other hand, in the description of a category, we refer – how else – to a category. Here you can indicate what characterizes a given type (category) of products, what common features they have, how Latest Mailing Database they can make life easier for the user. It is worth advising the customer what he should pay attention to when choosing products from this category. In addition, you can also include here answers to the most frequently asked questions and encourage you to contact the store. How long should product and category descriptions be? My favorite answer is “It depends.

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Marketing Activities Expense Or Investment

As a rule, descriptions of products and categories in an online store should exhaust the subject, present product features, parameters, application, benefits and convince a potential customer to buy. However, I can provide a minimum number of characters. In the case of product descriptions, it is usually at least characters with spaces. longer, so that you can saturate the content with keywords. So it is usually a minimum of characters with spaces. What to do if the products differ in one parameter? Creating separate descriptions for each product is a good idea if the store’s assortment is not large. But what if there are dozens or Buy Email List even hundreds of similar items.

How much is the marketing budget

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What Is Canva’s Business Model

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The time for digital cleaning Cloud storage

Whether you really ne a mailing list from the next online store. Unsubscribe from emails you don’t read. So you will ruce the amount of digital garbage and, accordingly, the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The carbon footprint of e-mails with different content can vary: the weight of a regular text message is 4 g CO 2 -eq, the weight of an email with photographs is much larger – 50 g CO 2 -eq. According to research conduct by the anti-spam service Cleanfox, the average Internet user receives 2,850 spam emails per year.

The cloud automatically sorts photos

Which is the equivalent of carbon dioxide emissions from a Fax Lists car that has driven 114 km. 3. Start using cloud storage: they ruce is not only a way to store files and have access to them from anywhere in the world without being ti to a specific device, but also the ability to simplify the process of finding the information you ne, as well as make digital cleaning more comfortable and efficient. For example, in the clouds there is a face recognition function. With its help, that show the same people into the appropriate folder. By clicking on a photo, you can view all images with this person and remove duplicates.

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You can ruce the number of copies

In the same way, the cloud can recognize photographs of Buy Email List documents or, for example, photographs of places of interest from different countries, sorting the pictures by geographical principle. By starting to use cloud storage on an ongoing basis of the same document. Thus, ruce the amount of digital garbage around and at least slightly ruce the amount of carbon dioxide emitt into the atmosphere. RAM (Random Access Memory) is an ultra-fast type of memory that stores data about currently open applications. The more RAM a smartphone has, the more applications it can keep open at the same time.