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Some of these tend to drive the customer away. 5. Headlines that make promises and actually demand attention It’s hard to understand and underestimate the importance of headlines . Headings are absolutely the most important part of the content, because it depends on whether you engage the reader or the customer or not. If the title is not in the top 10 (it is not always important to get in the top 10), no one bothers to continue, in this case, to read. Headlines must be written in such a way that they engage the reader. Make a promise with the title that it. Offer solutions with headings, but don’t say the answer right away.

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Of course writing headlines doesn’t come right away, it takes practice and testing. You only get good with practice. Soon you will automatically what is a good title Latest Mailing Database and what is not. Where do you get inspiration for titles? See magazine titles, advertisement texts,, your own e-mail folders. 6. Proof that your product or service really works Real life examples are very important. It is especially good if you can give examples of how your product works. How your customers have benefite from it in real situations – either emotionally or financially. Coming back to point 4, feeback written simply as a “filler” usually does not work.

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It must be a story, a direct and sincere story of Buy Email List the client, how He really got help. Real life examples significantly reuce the customer’s fear of purchase.. Write how the product or service has solve your real problems. Make it a story, tell it to customers. 7. Importance of the first paragraph – promise and persuasion A good sales text requires a very good title, but another very important component is the first paragraph. After the title, the customer will most likely read the first paragraph.

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