The time for digital cleaning Cloud storage

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Whether you really ne a mailing list from the next online store. Unsubscribe from emails you don’t read. So you will ruce the amount of digital garbage and, accordingly, the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The carbon footprint of e-mails with different content can vary: the weight of a regular text message is 4 g CO 2 -eq, the weight of an email with photographs is much larger – 50 g CO 2 -eq. According to research conduct by the anti-spam service Cleanfox, the average Internet user receives 2,850 spam emails per year.

The cloud automatically sorts photos

Which is the equivalent of carbon dioxide emissions from a Fax Lists car that has driven 114 km. 3. Start using cloud storage: they ruce is not only a way to store files and have access to them from anywhere in the world without being ti to a specific device, but also the ability to simplify the process of finding the information you ne, as well as make digital cleaning more comfortable and efficient. For example, in the clouds there is a face recognition function. With its help, that show the same people into the appropriate folder. By clicking on a photo, you can view all images with this person and remove duplicates.

Fax Lists

You can ruce the number of copies

In the same way, the cloud can recognize photographs of Buy Email List documents or, for example, photographs of places of interest from different countries, sorting the pictures by geographical principle. By starting to use cloud storage on an ongoing basis of the same document. Thus, ruce the amount of digital garbage around and at least slightly ruce the amount of carbon dioxide emitt into the atmosphere. RAM (Random Access Memory) is an ultra-fast type of memory that stores data about currently open applications. The more RAM a smartphone has, the more applications it can keep open at the same time.

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