The program then instantly converts the text into a real human voice, which can then be modified with speech styles, pronunciation and other features.

Using the text-to-speech API, you can access the largest text-to-speech AI voices from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. Its text-to-speech API provides a unified interface for converting text to audio using AI voices from various providers.

or free and premium prices start from $19/month.

You can try the platform

It’s no surprise that IBM will have one of the best text-to-speech APIs in 2022. Using Watson’s cold calling scripts for bankers machine learning AI engine, you can synthesize speech. It works with customer service systems to increase accessibility and automation.

 architecture enables it to analyze and improve response formulas, as well as understand complex speech contexts.

The IBM Watson API

Amazon Polly is a text-to-speech API available to almost all organizations and individuals. It has a small pricing structure and is very simple to use.

Because it is so widely used, it, like other Amazon products, is useful for developers when designing voice apps and services. Polly supports multiple languages ​​and voices, as well as real-time streaming.

lgorithms, allowing you to turn articles into speech.

Amazon Polly provides hundreds of live voices in multiple languages, allowing you to create speech-activated applications. Speech can be added to applications that have a worldwide audience, such as RSS feeds, web pages or videos.

You can start BUY Email List using the API for free and you only pay for what you use, which starts from $4.00 per million characters.