E-commerce site and management integration: how does the data synchrony occur? The interfacing takes place thanks to a web service. A management system-website connection service which performs. At pretermin intervals. The synchronization of the data by taking it directly from the management system in use.We are talking about a relative decline in some sectors. Such as tourism. And on the contrary a growth for many others.

By also querying different databases

By also querying different databases. Synchrony collects data on warehouse stock and new items. Through a manual or daily schul request it is also possible. Thanks to special data intempra’s ict solutions. To know all the information about price lists. Even in personaliz form. Customers and product images. Not only that: among the synchroniz data there are also customer orders. Customer details and warehouse stocks.

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Synchronizable archives and tables

Synchronizable archives and tablesThanks to this Buy Email List interface our solutions allow us to read. Import and synchronize the following archives: Like every year. The usual appointment with the  casaleggio associati report   on e-commerce  and online sales returns. Research which. This year. Is totally influenc by the coronavirus. Now in its fourteenth ition. The report highlight that 54% of the e-commerce companies interview saw their turnover drop due to the coronavirus.