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Implementing real-time verification in your web forms is just another small way to help protect your forms from fraudulent addresses daily. How can I scrub my email list? Now that we’ve gone over the basics of mailing list hygiene, let’s walk through a step-by-step process to clean your mailing list. Run an email list verification to separate valid addresses from invalid addresses. Clean up duplicate email addresses. Identify disengaged subscribers. This can be based on the amount of time they’ve been inactive or based on multiple hard bounces.

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Try to re-engage inactive subscribers. Based on Kazakhstan Mobile Number List your findings, segment your list and remove inactive subscribers. What are the best email list cleaning services? Not quite ready to tackle email list hygiene on your own? At Email on Acid, we provide an email verification service, but we also recommend that you take a look at these list-cleaning tools: Webbula is a comprehensive email hygiene service that provides list verification and list-scrubbing services. InboxReady by Sinch provides email verification solutions for both new contacts and your existing list of subscribers. Validate email addresses at signup or clean your list.

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Employs automation features and an email Buy Email List checker to make sure the emails on your mailing list are deliverable. Xverify also removes invalid data that’s entered in its interface. QuickEmailVerification verifies contact lists imported from your ESP, computer, or via the API and provides automated list cleaning services. It also performs real-time validation of incoming emails incoming from online forms. What are some best practices to maintain mailing list hygiene? We’ve gone over why, when, how often, and how to clean your mailing list above. However, the best course of action is preemptive.


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