Check out the following best practices to maintain a clean email list at all times: Use double opt-ins: Always make sure your subscribers are actually human beings opting into your mailing list by using double opt-ins. This also helps limit the number of human error typos in your mailing list. Provide an “opt down” option: Instead of just providing an opt-out option, provide an “opt down” so your subscribers can choose to stay engaged – just not as engaged as before. In other words, this means your user can choose to receive fewer communications from you – say once a month instead of once a week.

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Or, they can choose to keep receiving your Taiwan Mobile Database quarterly email newsletters but not every single promotion or new product announcement. This keeps your subscribers happy and also helps email marketers to segment their mailing list to send appropriate email campaigns. Send a re-engagement email campaign: Subscribers falling into radio silence? Try sending a re-engagement email campaign to invite them to engage once more. You can use this as an opportunity to prune your mailing list based on your subscribers’ responses.

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Use marketing automation: Marketing automation is a Buy Email List great way to scrub your email list and purge invalid, disengaged, or outdated email addresses. Simply set up rules to automatically segment or remove customers who haven’t engaged for a set time limit or whose addresses have bounced twice or more. This is a great way to reduce email bounces and improve your sender reputation. Grow an organic list: As we mentioned above, never purchase a list. Growing a list organically might take time, but it will pay off in the long run as you maintain a higher customer engagement rate and retain your conversions.