Any type of outlier in data can be detect using clustering. Companies in transport and logistics, for example, can use anomaly detection to detect supply bottlenecks or reveal damaged mechanical parts (predictive maintenance).

use the technology to detect fraudulent transactions and respond quickly, which can save a lot of money. Learn more about spotting abuse and fraud by watching our video.

can help group people with similar characteristics and create user personas for more effective marketing and targetcampaigns.


Aggregation algorithms

K-means is a clustering method also known as segmentation or segmentation. It divides the data points into a predetermined number of tables ca K.

In the K-means phone number lists method, K is the input from which you tell the computer how many clusters you want to identify in your data. Each data item is assignd to the nearest cluster center, called a centroid (black dots in the picture).

Financial institutions can

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The latter will be data storage locations. The clustering method can be perfomed several timesBUY Email List until the clusters are well

Fuzzy K-means is an extension of the K-means method, which is useto perform overlapping clustering. Unlike the K-means method, fuzzy K methods indicate that data points may belong to many clusters with varying degrees of closeness to each.

The distance between data points and the center of the cluster is to calculate proximity. As a result, there may be times when different collections overlap.