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Will help audiences¬† will help audiences (and YouTube) understand the video’s content. This creator understands that the channel description is prime real estate. Tor contact information, social media handles, and calls to action, persuading viewers to stick around. “How to Write Counterpoint – Music Composition” by Music Matters youtube video description example: music matters Image Source. The description of Music Matters’s YouTube video, “How to Write Counterpoint – Music Composition,” uses keywords such as “writing counterpoint,” “music composition lesson,” and “understanding counterpoint. To appeal to audiences that are interest in learning the music composition technique.

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The description also includes timestamps that viewers can use to skip. To Denmark Mobile Number List the portion of the video that addresses the specific topic they want to learn about. Why We Love It This YouTube video description uses keywords to appeal to a niche audience. The specificity makes it easily searchable on YouTube. Using keywords to make each video search-friendly will drive traffic to your video’s specific content. “How to Create a 90 Day Plan for your Business (+ Free Workbook)” by Anna Clark youtube video description example: anna clark Image Source The description of Anna Clark’s YouTube video, “How to Create a 90 Day Plan for your Business (+ Free Workbook),” includes links to the creator’s website.

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Courses newsletter, and social media accounts. And a workbook that Buy Email List viewers can download and complete as they watch the video. Why We Love It It’s good to involve your viewers in other aspects of your business. The interaction and engagement you earn will help you rank against other active channels. Directing your viewers to other resources for your business will also help your YouTube channel drive traffic to your website, increasing your authority in your business niche. “How To Create An Email Sales Funnel” by Wishpond youtube video description example: wishpond Image Source The description of Wishpond’s YouTube video, “How To Create An Email Sales Funnel,” hooks the viewer by stating that the video is the fourth installment in a series and linking to the previous video.


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