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Explore best tactics for writing YouTube descriptions, I spoke with Eric Peters, a Senior Growth Product Manager on HubSpot’s Academy team. He said, “[YouTube descriptions] are one of the primary ways YouTube knows what your video is about. Include links, additional resources, links to other videos and playlists, etc. Make sure the description box is easy to read.” Peters explained that your YouTube video description and closed captioning should incorporate keywords into your description. It also helps with accessibility for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Hence, adding closed captioning to your videos is an absolute must for accessibility.

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For instance, take a look at one of HubSpot Marketing’s Jamaica Mobile Number List YouTube video descriptions: youtube video description example: hubspot A YouTube description differs from a web page meta description. In a YouTube description, content creators explain what your entire video is about and even link to external resources. Peters told me, “You get 5,000 characters total, so make use of it. YouTube creators use asterisks or all-caps to differentiate titles from body copy because it’s all plain text. Consider writing up a text version of the key points from the video, or even copying the transcription of the video and paste it into the description.” Free YouTube Description Templates Free templates to help you plan and promote your YouTube videos.

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Description Templates Thumbnail Template Banner Image Buy Email List Templates YouTube Strategy Template Download for free Learn more 3. Include a call-to-action (CTA). Your YouTube description is a fantastic opportunity to ask viewers to continue to engage with your channel or find additional resources that will help them learn more about a topic of interest. For instance, let’s say you create a brief “How to Add Filters to Instagram” YouTube video, but you also have an in-depth “How to Use Instagram for Marketing” blog post. Why not link it in the description? Most likely, anyone watching your Instagram video on YouTube would be equally grateful for the opportunity to learn more through a blog post.


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