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Find interesting approaches to solving problems. Comfort in the face of uncertainty. A skill that allows you to work productively and make decisions despite uncertainty, risks and lack of information. The World Economic Forum has identifi three of the most valuable skills: adaptability, complex problems. The first priority in 2023 for HR leaders from the Gartner study is the development of “human” leadership, namely the development of sincerity, sensitivity and adaptability in leaders. Indifference and lack of inspiration from leaders is the main reason people leave their jobs, along with a lack of career advancement.

Communication skills and the ability to solve

What digital skills will be in demand? Depending on skill level Pitcairn Email List employees working in IT earn 14-65% more than people whose work does not involve the use of digital skills. In addition to earnings, as employees apply digital skills, job satisfaction and job security also increase. Three out of four employees (72%) report high job satisfaction compar to less than half of employees who use only basic digital skills (43%). In addition, employees with advanc digital skills express greater confidence in keeping their jobs than employees with basic digital skills (72% vs. 48%). Basic digital skills today include : the ability to use e-mail, word processing, publication in social networks.

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Employees attribute their widespread interest

Intermiate digital skills include website design, application Buy Email List troubleshooting, data analysis. Advanc digital skills are, for example, cloud architecture or maintenance and development of software or applications, working with artificial intelligence and machine learning. in digital skills training to a variety of reasons. The five most frequently cit reasons are: training will make them more effective in doing their job (49%); bring them higher wages (44%); improve their employability (42%); improve their opportunities for promotion (37%); will increase the chances of retaining a job (36%). The importance of developing digital skills is also relat to the fact that organizations are increasingly investing in digital transformation.

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