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You need to work on optimizing your website. Being first on Google, the difference between indexing and positioning  and ranking. If you no longer find your site on the first. Page of Google, it does not necessarily mean that it has disappeared from the search engine. Indexing of the website. The pages of the website are present in the Google index which has taken steps to crawl them. Website positioning = result in SERP resulting from a precise user search intention on Google. You might also be interested in: Website optimization.

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Are you doing it right? First of all, always consider  searching your website for in Google. As I told you, your site could be relegated in the ranking and slipped into the second or third page of the SERP because your competitors have strengthened for the keywords you typed. Keep phone number list in mind that the reasoning you should do is the reverse: writing your name on Google and seeing if it appears on the first page is not very strategic . By now a web search of this type no longer makes sense because the SERP is elaborated on the basis of additional factors such as geo-location, browser settings, previous searches by the user, etc. Instead, you need to check if you appear on the first page with the words that you.

Google when they are looking

Phone Number List

Potential customers are using to search for your products or services. So not just for the one keyword you typed in the search bar and didn’t get the result you were hoping Buy Email List for. But for all those keywords, or those search terms, that your potential customers type into  for the service or product you offer on the market. Learn more about keywords in this article. Why isn’t my Wix site showing up on Google? Another reason why your website does not appear on Google could be this. You have decided to build your own website and you have relied on a pseudo CMS like Wix (or other similar platforms.

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