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Expensive service: at least ?1 million . It is plann to allocate $3.68 billion to. The creation of artificial intelligence technologies in the field of ucation in Russia in 2023. And by 2030 the volume of investments will reach $80 billion. This means that soon AI will be as common a component of learning as, for example, video. In the future, artificial intelligence will be able to independently  a particular student from scratch, write ucational programs and be a virtual student assistant  of training, knows his interests and how he studies. “In the role of a teacher, he [AI] is more like a coach who helps the student formulate the right questions and make the right analysis.

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Mark Van Reimenam a visionary and ideologist of big data and Saint Helena Email List machine learning technologies, said in an interview with RBC Pro. Machines will be able to train people without teachers only when artificial intelligence gains experience in creating effective social learning. That is, when AI receives a lot of data about student preferences and student behavior in different learning programs. “In the future, it seems to me that we will see much more learning bas on big data. Now the problem is that big data [so far] is not enough, ” says Andrey Komissarov, director of.

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The Data-Bas Human Development at University 2035. The Buy Email List profession of a specialist in crowdsourcing of public problems will become relevant and in demand in the near future. We tell you what tasks he solves and where you can find a job in this specialty What is a Public Issues Crowdsourcing Specialist?  who collects and analyzes public issues and mobilizes resources to solve them. This is a new profession at the intersection of management, sociology, law and information technology. What Does a Public Issues Crowdsourcing Specialist Do? This specialist manages the crowdsourcing platform, accumulating citizens’ initiatives and proposals on it.