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The neural network can, on a par with the teacher, check tests, tasks, and even essays. Thus, the company “Antiplagiarism” has creat artificial intelligence, which in less than a minute reveals factual and semantic errors in an essay. In 2023, it is plann that the neural network will test the essays of Russian schoolchildren in the Russian language, literature, history and social science in a pilot mode. is moving effectively through the curriculum. For example, in the Moscow Electronic School, a computer helps teachers estimate how much time students will spend on assignments, tests, or practical exercises. And Roselectronics has develop a program bas on computer vision.

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Which through video cameras in the classroom, monitors the Central-African-Republic Email List psychophysical state of the student and reports how it affects the learning of the lesson. Answer questions in plain language. Artificial intelligence allows the chatbot to conduct dialogues that are close to real human communication. In November 2022, OpenAl introduc the AI-bas ChatGPT chatbot. He owns almost all the information that is on the Internet, and can explain anything in a simple way, help a child understand any issue, solve mathematical problems or write an essay. In the near future, the ne for specialists in neural networks and machine learning will also grow for the ucation sector. Now in Duolingo and other companies that develop.

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AI for learning engineers, research engineers are engag in the Buy Email List development of neural networks and machine learning. Trends and directions of the profession The specialist can work: in a large ucational project in the department of artificial intelligence; in Tech companies that develop artificial intelligence technologies, for example, there are vacancies for developers in Docebo, Cognii; be a freelancer and online schools. But the development of AI for a specific project is an expensive service: at least ?1 million . It is plann to allocate $3.68 billion to the creation of artificial intelligence technologies.