Sometimes it may be that it is worth recycling customers through an email list, but I also have customers whose sales tunnels are built directly on the blog. Without a sales page, you have to do a lot more work to get people to buy. In social media, everything happens quickly, and the length of the content is significantly shorter. Reels or TikTok videos in order to convince people that it is worth listening to us.  to speed up decision-making and get the customer to buy at the same time he comes to your sales page. If you have several customer segments, you should write your own unique sales pages for each segment.

The purpose of the sales page is

 In this way, you can tailor the content to suit them, and you don’t have to worry that some visitors will leave new data the page immediately after coming to the page. But let’s start with one segment. <3 With the help of sales pages, you can also build a unified brand and engage visitors on a deeper level than if you tried to sell using social media posts alone. When your sales page is optimized the right way, it will regularly bring you new leads and customers directly through Google – for free. By tracking page statistics, such as time spent on the page and bounce rate, you can optimize and improve the page, thanks to which your sales will increase without extra effort. Either you read this:  €100,000 a year with a business blog What is a sales page What is a sales page not? A sales page is not just about sales. It is a value-adding, educational and engaging page.

This is how you make

 Kind of like a blog post, but with the goal of getting people to buy. Here are some statistics from sales pages: First Impression: You have 0-8 seconds to make a great Buy Email List first impression. Therefore, it is important that the title of the sales page is attractive, interesting and one that makes people read on. Biggest Concerns: Your biggest concerns on the sales page are boredom and skepticism. People are even more skeptical, because they have been promised a lot, but unfortunately not all promises have been kept. If the text is boring, reading ends quickly. Page Load Time: A 2 second delay in sales page load time can increase bounce rate by up to 103%.